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First Step:  Schedule an Introductory Flight with Piedmont Aerosports

  • See if this is for YOU
  • Get familiar with weight-shift control aircraft
  • Ask questions / get answers
  • Get an idea of the triking community
  • Log your first ride towards a Sport Pilot license

Second Step:  Obtain Student Certificate/ Logbook/ Study Materials

  • Visit local FSDO (Flight Safety District Office), or
  • Visit FAA Examiner for student pilot certificate
  • Visit FBO (fixed based operation) at your local airport, or
  • Get online and order logbook, study materials

Step Three:  Establish a Plan

  • Schedule your next flight (AM/PM are best)
  • Crack a book (read the outlines)
  • Get familiar with the terminology
  • Ask some more questions / get some more answers
  • Take your flight / schedule another

Step Four:  Expand Your Learning Process

  • Watch videos (TrikePilot.com)
  • Read a chapter (any trike flying book)
  • Talk to other trike pilots / owners
  • Look at trikes for sale (Barnstormers.com)

Step Five:  Fly, Study, Visit, Breathe Aviation

  • Fly as much as you can
  • Study as much as you can
  • Visit as often as you can
  • And don’t forget to breathe

Step Six:  Compete the Written Exam

  • 70% is passing
  • 80% is likely
  • 90% is impressive
  • 100% is over–the-top
  • Completion is bliss

Step Seven:  Fly, and Fly Some More

  • Dual training
  • Solo (buy a trike)
  • Cross-country
  • Referral to Examiner
  • Checkride with Examiner

CONGRATULATIONS -You’re now a FAA Certified Sport Pilot in WSC aircraft!

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